At ASAV we want to inspire youth and their families to embrace uniqueness. To empower people to be truely and authentically happy.

It’s simple. Happy humans mean better people. Better people build better communities. Better communities for us, for our children and their children to come.

We might be the new now. But our dream is that every generation after us uses their “them” and adds to our foundation. Everyone can contribute something no matter how big or small.


‘‘ I recognise I am unique. I embrace me. I want to be the new. To be the leader of a generational change amongst my family and most loved friends.

Show my children that by being my most true self I am the happiest version of me. Show them that what I dream to build, I can. It is sustainable.

And when it’s their time, I can hand it onto them and they build on it and so on with their children. Every generation’s uniqueness adds to the asav story. ’’


Ardie Savea